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G-spot lollipop by Lollipop

Everyone is asking the question, what is this intriguing object in the shape of a lollipop?

I will make you discover all its secrets.

Me who was very skeptical at the sight of this toy. I couldn't believe it, I was thinking how could we have so much fun with a candy-shaped toy. How will I be successful in using it?

After I bought this toy, I thought to myself; So now is the time to grab a good lube and go try it out. A small lit candle, some music and here I am, ready to discover the secrets of this toy.

From the start I was not very sure how to use it, after a few tries I was finally successful and WOW quite a discovery for me. No more doubts, this toy allows you to reach powerful and explosive orgasms. It creates a torrent of pleasure.

Ladies, this is the toy for you if you want to experience the pleasure of G-spot stimulation. I recommend to all women, even those who have never tried a g-spot toy. Several shapes and sizes are available so it is suitable for all tastes and all fantasies.

Some little extra!

Use it at the same time as stimulating the clitoris with a vibrator.

Apply vibration to the other end of the toy.

Combined with a good lubricant in my opinion shunga organica is a good choice and a g-spot cream is that of shunga as well.

My last advice, get yourself several towels and spare sheets.

I give it a score of 10 out of 10


Tested and Written by Gabee
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